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Frenchtown Summer
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Remembering the summer of 1938 in Frenchtown, Eugene recalls a time when he began to ponder the question “what am I doing here on planet Earth?” This funny, touching, yet somber story of a vanished world explore a father son relationship and human connections that are timeless.
“Because Cormier is so successful at conveying Eugene's desperate longing for his distant father's approval and love, his father's ultimate validation, when it arrives, is deeply satisfying. Heartbreak becomes heart ease, as Cormier continues to demonstrate his unrivalled power to dazzle and delight his readers.” —Booklist
“The vivid descriptions of the Frenchtown tenement are positively haunting. Readers will see the faces of the characters and feel Eugene's struggle to understand his emotions. Despite its early 20th-century setting, Frenchtown Summer is not a historical novel. It is a sensitive, superbly crafted story of a boy's journey into self-awareness.” —School Library Journal
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