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Jason was the last person to see the girl alive, but that doesn’t mean he killed her, does it? Twelve-year-old Jason Dorrant sits in interrogation after the murder of his friend. The town has called in expert interrogator Trent, to get confessions everyone thinks are impossible to obtain.
“Terse and terrifying, this final book from Cormier will leave a lasting impression. Jason, almost 13, is a shy, ineffectual child, who takes being bullied as a matter of course--but if he sees someone else being pushed around, he may strike back. When the seven-year-old girl who lives next door is murdered, Jason is horrified. He was the last one to see her alive. He wants to do everything he can to help find the killer, so when the police come calling, he tells them all he knows. What he doesn't know is that Trent, a detective adept at extracting confessions, has been called into the case--and Trent has Jason in his sights as the murderer.” —Booklist, starred review
“The chilling results of the questioning will leave an indelible mark on readers and prompt heated discussions regarding the definition of guilt and the fine line between truth and deception.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review
This is an excellent starting place for those who have yet to meet Cormier, as well as a welcome addition to his corpus for those who have read his previous novels. —School Library Journal
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