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Eighteen-year-old Eric Poole has been released from juvenile detention for the murder of his parents. Now, he’s looking for some tenderness, which he finds in the killing of innocent girls.
Having run away from home, Lori Cranston is looking for tenderness too. Naive but sexually precocious, she becomes fixated on Eric.
Together, they embark on a riveting journey that will be either their salvation or their destruction.
“Cormier is in top form in this chilling portrait of a serial murderer…. [A] gripping tale.” —School Library Journal, starred review
“A mesmerizing plunge into the mind of a psychopathic teen killer that is both deeply disturbing and utterly compelling.” —Booklist, focus review
“The novel has a wealth of depth and complexity … Cormier’s best yet.” —The Book Report
“Vivid characterizations …. Cormier performs literary magic by making us empathize with these two teenagers who live at society’s far edges.” —VOYA
“Suspenseful and chilling …. Vintage Cormier: short pithy sentences and bends in the text take the reader along startling paths.” —The Horn Book
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