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After his brother Eddie’s death at the hands of a hit-and-run driver, eleven-year-old Henry moves with his family to a new town, to start over. It’s hard to make friends in a strange town, and to make matters worse, his father, overwhelmed by grief, is unable to work and has to be admitted to a hospital. Henry’s own broken leg is keeping him from his job at the grocery store.
Henry finds some unusual companionship in the elderly man, Mr. Levine, who lives in the “crazy house” next door. A wood carver and Holocaust survivor, Mr. Levine spends his time working on a miniature replica of his childhood village, which was destroyed by the Nazis. He is to win an award, and have the replica displayed for the town to see.
But Henry’s bigoted employer, Mr. Hairston, despises Mr. Levine. When Mr. Hairston offers to pay for Eddie’s headstone, Henry is astonished, but the price he must pay is the betrayal of his friendship with Mr. Levine.
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